The aftermath of Tumi Morake’s scary car accident at the beginning of this year became even more dramatic when the group of victims with whom she collided spoke to the press

On the 29th of December, Tumi, her husband and three children were all rushed to hospital after being involved in a head-on collision.

Thankfully they all walked away unharmed, but this week we heard from the three victims who were in the other vehicle for the first time, and according to The Daily Sun, one of the victims believes the comedienne caused the accident.

33-Year-old Busi Mngomezulu spoke to the paper and suggested that neither Tumi nor her family checked up to see if they were okay.

She said: “When they got to the hospital Tumi was laughing as if nothing had happened, yet we were injured.”

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The victims of this crash all affirm that all they have been waiting for is an apology from the Morake family. The closest they’ve come to this was Tumi visiting one of the victims, who was in ICU at the time, to check if she was okay.

Patricia Popela recounted this: “She asked if she could assist me with anything and I declined because I didn’t need any help.”

Tumi Morake’s publicist, Monica Steyn revealed that Tumi and her husband, Mpho’s priority was to make sure that their children were safe

She also confirmed that Tumi visited Popela but explained why she was unable to check on the others:

“They were all in shock and were also treated in hospital. They went to see the lady who was seriously hurt. She was the only one still there.”

Let’s hope that this matter can be resolved amicably.