Rachel Kolisi, the wife of rugby player Siya Kolisi, has opened up about the uncomfortable stares she gets while breastfeeding in a public space

The new mom shared a picture on Instagram that showed her breastfeeding her daughter while out and about.

“BREASTFEED everywhere and anywhere. Covered or uncovered,” she captioned the snap.

The picture sparked a public breastfeeding debate among her fans, with one man suggesting that women should feed their babies somewhere other than in public.  

Sue Duminy, who is married to cricket star JP Duminy, did not waste time putting the man in his place

“seriously dude no offense here but you are so far off.. it’s the year 2018 I’ve breastfed my baby EVERYWHERE and I’ll continue to do so no matter what. There is not even one inch of debate about this situation. Boobs are there to PROVIDE FOOD FOR INFANTS. So just a thought as you suggest babies should eat somewhere else, maybe you should go eat somewhere else and see how comfortable you are with that, and just a little ps on the side, the South African law states a mother is allowed to breastfeed her baby ANYWHERE and UNCOVERED. So I suggest this little “issue” that you have with mother’s breastfeeding, rather keep it to yourself and turn your head the other way… (sic)” she commented under Rachel’s post.

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One fan noted that Rachel’s daughter was covered in the picture.  

“That is pretty discreet! Please tell me you don’t experience problems when feeding in public spaces even when you take it that far,” the follower commented.

Speaking to Cape Talk, Rachel says she has received “funny looks” while breastfeeding

“I experienced that when my daughter needs to feed, a lot of the time I get people giving me funny looks and people feeling uncomfortable which, in turn, makes you feel uncomfortable,” she said.

Rachel, who posted the picture after the interview, added that she was “confused” about why people had a problem with her feeding her child in public.

“It’s something that I think is crazy that we have to talk about in 2018. I think it’s something that needs a little bit more light and talking about… If you are in a space where people ask you to feed your child in the toilet, you are more than welcome and it is your right to tell them to go and eat their sushi in the toilet.”

Rachel and Siya welcomed their second child together in November last year.