It’s back from holiday and this means getting the children school ready, and if past experience is anything to go by, there is a very good chance that, once your child enters their classroom, within a week or two they will be man-down with a cold or the flu.

“No matter what precautions are put into place at a school, germs always find a way to spread, and children are one of the main culprits,” says Carla Yssel, brand manager for Linctagon®. “Many schools make sure that the classrooms, bathrooms and general community areas are as germ free as possible; however, if children don’t apply basic hygiene tips at school they undo any preventative methods put into place.”

Yssel provides the five basic hygiene tips that should be enforced both at home and in the classroom to encourage a germ “free” environment:

  1. Wash your hands. It seems like common knowledge, and many parents teach their children this from a young age. However, when a child is late for class or playing with their friends, washing their hands before they eat, or after using the bathroom is the last thing on their mind.
  2. Don’t touch your face or other children’s faces. There is no need to touch someone else’s face or let them touch yours, especially since you don’t know if their hands are clean. Germs can spread easily this way.
  3. When you sneeze and cough, cover your mouth. Teaching this simple lesson to your child is a great way to stop germs from spreading. It is also important for them to wash their hands afterwards as well.
  4. Stick to a reasonable bed time. Your child needs to get enough sleep to help strengthen their immune system which helps to fend off germs.
  5. A diet with a variation of fruit and vegetables is important to help assist your body when fighting off germs. Vitamin C can’t keep a cold away, but it can help shorten it.

Using a supplement such as Linctagon® Viral Defence Junior syrup for support or Linctagon® Junior effervescent containing Pelargonium at the first signs of a cold and flu can assist your child in avoiding back-to-school-colds-and-flu.

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