Although 2017 is over, there are still a few days of school holidays left. Here are some craft ideas to keep kids busy and help them get organised for the year ahead:

Chalk paint animal storage buckets

Recycle all the plastic bottles that accumulated over the holidays and make these super cute storage buckets for stationery and sundry objects.

A coat of chalk paint allows your kids to frequently draw new faces on their animal buckets!

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Image courtesy of Your Family magazine


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Sew your own cloth bags

Cloth bags for storage – from potted plants to laundry bins – are all the rage. Learn how to make them here, and get older kids to create trendy storage bins for toys and clothes. This is great for bigger kids who know how to sew, but younger children can still cut out the cloth and then just get assistance from an adult to construct it.

Click here to find out how to sew them.

Image courtesy of Garden and Home magazine

Glamorous storage jars

It will be hard to believe that these gorgeous and glamorous jars are actually made of old containers. All you need is some glue and sparkly doorknobs.

Image courtesy of Garden and Home magazine


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Felt storage baskets

Get things organised by crafting these cute storage baskets – with only three craft supplies! Smaller children may need assistance with the needlework.

Repurpose pillow cases

Do you have spare or old pillow cases lying around? Repurpose them into hanging storage bags to hide toys or dirty laundry. They’re super easy to make, so the kids will finish it in a jiffy and have time left to go pick up all their toys and stash them in their new bags (one can hope!). The best part is that these bags can be hung over door handles or on clothes hooks to allow accessibility.

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Image courtesy of Your Family magazine

Small geometric storage boxes

Combine a math lesson with fine motor skills development rolled into a fun activity that will make your child’s desk a neater place. These geometric bowls can be made either from a template, or older kids may even try and design their own. Kids can colour white paper or use colourful paper.

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Image courtesy of Your Family magazine