Motivation tools to help you lose weight is a series all about helpful things you can use for encouragement and inspiration to keep your diet on track. We all need motivation to help us achieve long-lasting goals. Here are some ways and tools you can use to help motivate yourself!

Motivation tools: Your old clothes

Time seems to be the enemy of body size… Who hasn’t noticed their body getting ‘larger’ over a few months?! And there’s really no reason for it except that we seem to lose the ability (or will) to maintain discipline in our eating and exercise in the long term.

The easiest place to spot this is by taking a look through your wardrobe….

Remember that favourite pair of jeans that you haven’t fit into for five years? They’re beautiful right? YOU used to fit into those tiny things. WOW!

And you CAN wear them again

Imagine the YOU that used to wear those jeans. Confident, sexy, lean, and full of life. Don’t you want to go back there? Wouldn’t it be SO worthwhile? Just for the boost in self-confidence alone – never mind the health payoff.

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Put those jeans somewhere where you’ll see them regularly. Use them as a source of inspiration and motivation for the road to a healthier, slimmer YOU. There’s NO reason you shouldn’t wear those again… it’s just going to take a bit of time to trim down. Try them on occasionally, and watch as the button gets closer to the button-hole.

It’s going to happen! You just need to put in the effort. Go on, get motivated!

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