Summer is salad season- yet we can all get tired of seeing the same few ingredients clustered limply on our plates. Boost your vitamin and mineral intake and titillate your taste buds with our favourite summer salads – boring not allowed!

Bacon Lover’s Salad Sushi

Not only is this packed with protein, taste and goodness, but you’ll also have a chance to dazzle your friends with your culinary prowess!

Lay the bacon on a baking sheet while your oven heats to about 200 degrees. Lay the strips out in a ‘weave’- placing every other strip under each other until you have a five-by-five piece grid.

Bake the meat for about twenty minutes, until it’s soft and pliant but ready to eat.

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Pat the bacon down to remove the excess fat, and lay it out on some cling film.

Combine mashed avocado with corn and sliced cherry tomatoes, season to taste and drain. Spread the mixture over the bacon, then top with shredded lettuce, chicken and blue cheese. Roll it up and get slicing – a perfect ‘sushi’ bacon salad to serve with light dipping vinaigrette!