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5. Cut off bad energy

Sometimes it’s the bad vibes of friends or relatives that deter us from good relationships. An easy way to determine how specific persons affect your energy is to pay attention to how you feel around them. You might have an obligation to go to work, but does your boss, co-worker, or the environment leave you deprived, exhausted, even with a headache? Do you notice that right after you disclose something positive that happened for you to a jealous friend, that positive thing suddenly disappears? Or does one of your family members put so much pressure on you that you find yourself getting jittery, anxious, or frustrated with everything around you?

No one has the right to alter your mood, much less your love life. Their energies can build up and become trapped in your being, preventing you from making progress in your relationships.

Cleanse yourself regularly by taking baths in salt, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar, as these agents are particularly effective at purifying your energy field. Don’t feel bad to leave behind those who keep you behind; this is your time to concentrate on finding your soulmate, not tending to other people’s problems.

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