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4. Be authentic

There’s no need to do what everyone else is doing to secure a partner, or go where everyone else is going to meet new love interests. Follow your own path. Embrace the totality of your being, accepting your flaws and weaknesses.

To the person who falls in love with you, these are your secret strengths. Nothing is more attractive to a man than confidence and self-assurance, and nothing is more charming to a woman than honesty and good intentions. The more authentic you are the more likely you are to attract a person who adores the real you.

It’s difficult to come across the person who complements you if you’re constantly doubtful, insecure, angry, distrusting, or in a bad mood. If this sounds like you, stop and think: When did I become like this? What sort of impression am I giving off to potential partners? You have to give off what you want to get. To attract a genuine, caring, kind-spirited person, you have to be one.

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