Apart from being shocked by static electricity, electric shocks can cause a great deal of pain to a person. It is a very scary situation for the person who is affected and for those around him.

What happens when someone gets an electric shock?

If a person experiences an electric shock, his muscles may tighten immediately thus making it more impossible for the person to pull himself away from the circuit. As his lungs begin to constrict, the person may find it more difficult to breathe. His heartbeat may be interrupted as the blood vessels tighten. The person may experience burns where the electricity enters and has left the body.

What to do if someone experiences an electric shock

If someone gets an electric shock, do not attempt to touch the person as you may also get shocked. If you are afraid, not sure what to do or are not an adult, seek assistance or help immediately.

The adult will have to turn off the power at the service panel. Note that if the accident happened near utility equipment like a power line or substation, it is vital to keep others away as well.

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Notify your local electricity department and be sure to take the victim to the doctor immediately, even if he only experienced a mild shock. It is important for him to be treated as soon as possible.

Source: Brochure entitled ‘Electrical Safety’ by eThekwini Municipality.

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