Mosquito bite relief for children

Everybody is prone to getting bitten by a mosquito (or two, or three!) at some point or the other.  Mosquitos bites can leave us feeling quite irritated, annoyed and in a state of mild discomfort at times. Unfortunately, children may experience the same frustrations and emotions as many adults do.

Here is a suggestion on how to help offer relief if your child has been bitten by a mosquito.

Apply ice to the affected area

Try placing an ice-pack or perhaps even a bag of frozen peas on the affected area, as needed. If you do not have either of these items in your freezer, wrap a few ice-cubes in a clean kitchen towel and hold over the mosquito bite. This will offer relief for the itchiness caused by the mosquito bite.

Distract your child to break his concentration on the mosquito bite. Sing him a song or tell him a story. Then get him to tell you one. Keeping your child calm and relaxed will help to make him feel better soon.

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