Keeping your kid’s hands clean

Many germs are spread from one child to another through hand contact. You may find the following information useful when it comes to helping to keep your child’s hands clean.

Wash frequently during food preparation

Hands should be washed frequently when preparing food especially if touching any form of raw meat as it may carry bacteria before being cooked. If your child is involved in the food preparation process or has touched raw meat, he must wash his hands too.

Wash before meals

Teach your child to wash his hands before consuming food. Remember that washing involves using soap and clean water at all times.

Wash after playtime

Similarly, children should be encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly after playtime is over as germs can be picked up from toys, pets, soil, etc.

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Wash after using the bathroom

It should be non-negotiable whether children should wash their hands after using the toilet. Hands should be thoroughly washed until there are no traces of soap left on your child’s hands.

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