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(By Angela Bekiaris)

We all know how great a snack is after dinner, but we also know how unhealthy that can be…

Well, shares some healthy snacks you actually can enjoy in the evening, and we’re so excited!

  • Dark chocolate: If you need some choc, best you have one piece of dark chocolate, say experts. According to com, the dark chocolate lacks the high added sugar and milk content of traditional chocolate and instead provides you an antioxidant punch that has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, fight inflammation and improve your mood.
  • Strawberry-banana ‘ice cream’: We know ice cream is a no-no at night, but this mix of frozen bananas mashed with some strawberries creates an ice cream-like consistency, is a great way to enjoy a ‘treat’.
  • A slushy: Yes, you loved them as a kid, but we’re telling you to make a no-added-sugar version with a mix of fruit. It will go down well and curb your cravings – especially in summer.
  • Pistachios: Who knew, right? They’re apparently an excellent night-time snack thanks to the shelling process which needs work and time, slowing you down as you eat! They’re also filled with fibre, and contain vitamin B6, folate and biotin.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Raw or roasted salted pumpkin seeds will hit that spot when you need it most… Did you know one serving of pumpkin seeds contains almost 50 percent of your recommended intake of magnesium? Plus, experts say the slight saltiness of roasted pumpkin seeds curbs your salty-snack craving that is usually quelled with potato chips.
  • Raspberry Greek yoghurt pops: Greek yoghurt, as we know, is very healthy, so why not add some raspberries and make the snack a little tastier and more fun in the process, too?
  • Warm milk and honey: Just delicious, especially during the cooler nights we’re experiencing. It’s not only great for helping you sleep, but it apparently increases the feel-good hormone, too. The honey will give you a sugar boost, but it’s easily digested and leaves you feeling satisfied.
  • Frozen blueberries: Blueberries are delicious no matter what, but experts say some frozen blueberries are the perfect snack in the evening. It’s refreshing and packed with just as many high-powered antioxidants as their fresh counterparts.
  • Almonds: We all know almonds are great to snack on, in moderation of course, so get your hands on some when you’re feeling a craving coming on. If possible, stick to just a handful of raw almonds.

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