Go back to basics and gather the family around for an old time classic games night.

Have some real bonding time with the family with no cell phones, tablets and TV for a real fun evening.

There has been a massive board game resurgence in recent years, so now is the time to get your children out from behind the screens and get them involved in some real face-to-face fun! Here are some of our picks of the best  games for ages.


This is absolutely one of our old time favourite games! The nerves and thrill of manipulating the tower of blocks is like no other game.

Stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower and then take turns at pulling and tugging out the blocks one by one until the whole stack collapses. Is your hand steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower collapses?


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One of the first board games that comes to mind is Monopoly. With pretty much every possible variation of the classic game, you can now play themed Monopoly with your kids including Monopoly Junior, Despicable Me and of course, Monopoly South Africa. While it is a game, it teaches children strategy and patience as well as finance.

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Scrabble is known as one of the best word-based board games ever. This classic game can get competitive, but it’s also a lot of fun with children who are learning to spell and working on their vocabulary.

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Watch Ya’ Mouth

Adults or children, get ready to laugh until it hurts. It’s simple: Do your best to speak  phrases while wearing a mouth piece. Trust us, you’ve never experienced something so hilarious in your life.

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Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game

With this box version of the popular tv game show, with Steve Harvey, there are hundreds of questions for players to choose from.



Can you place your left foot on a green dot AND your right hand on a red dot? In this game you will have to stretch and move in ways you’ve never done before in order to be the winner!

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Guess Who?

This classic 80’s game has not changed one bit, but is still a family favourite! Your opponent will have a card containing a mystery face. You must use your own board to determine who the character is that your opponent has.



A game of Hedbanz will have your children laughing for hours. The players strap a card to their head with a headband (included). On the card, it shows what you are supposed to be. Through questions and process of elimination, your goal is to be able to guess what you are before the timer runs out. It’s a classic game of What Am I? but with a fun, always child-appropriate twist.

Charades For Kids

Charades for Kids includes over 150 charade cards that have over 450 charades on them. It comes with the sand timer and the rules (although, who isn’t familiar with the rules of Charades by now), and it’s one of the best board games for families with youngsters.



Put your murder solving skills to the test when playing the classic Cluedo board game. This classic detective thriller is ideal for those who enjoy thinking things out and reasoning. Find out who murdered the host with what and where before the next victim! Investigate mansion rooms, decipher between true and false. Discover the variety of updated editions like Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars and the lux classic edition.

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