There’s a difference between a messy, cluttered house and a lived-in home, and while the latter is what we’re all striving to achieve, the former can lead to an unhappy you. Don’t believe us?

Here are just five reasons why you’ll be happier in an organised home:

You’re healthier

It might seem obvious, but an organised space is generally a cleaner one. Bacteria, mould and dust can enhance allergies, sinus problems and ailments like asthma. Fewer doctor’s visits means a happier you!

You save money

Knowing where everything is means you should know what you do and don’t have. You’re less likely to waste money on little things – think gift bags, pantry staples and stationery – when you know where your stash is. There’s also the fact that when things have a specific place, they’re generally kept in a better condition, and you won’t spend as much money maintaining, repairing and replacing them.

You’re less stressed

Think of all the time you waste searching for items you know you bought, but can’t for the life of you remember where you put them (and no, we’re not talking about phones or keys – that’s an age thing!). When your home is organised, everything has its place; no more unnecessary searching time – and no more being late!

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And science backs this up! A 2010 study showed that women whose homes were cluttered had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) than women whose homes were described as restful  

You sleep better

Studies reveal that clutter and mess can cause extra stress and lead to sleepless or restless nights. But it doesn’t end there! Most people report sleeping better on a bed that’s been made with fresh clean sheets. And we don’t have to tell you that a tired you tends to be a grumpier you!

You’re not fazed by unexpected drop-ins

Whether it’s the opinionated mother-in-law or the school mom who loves to judge, we all have that guest who loves to pop in unexpectedly, and when your house is a mess, you can’t help but feel bad. Keep your house organised, and you’ll soon be putting up your hand to be the hostess with the mostest!