No garden? No problem – thanks to durable vertical gardens, you can grow herbs and veggies right on your doorstep or patio.

According to gardening expert Tanya Visser, you don’t need land to start a garden – a wall could be enough to get started.

Where space is limited, vertical gardens are the ideal solution. Installing vertical planters on an outdoor wall is a great way to make use of an otherwise wasted space.

Vertical planters are also ideal for a multitude of plants – either plant a selection of flowers to bring a bit of sunshine to a dull spot or grow a crop of your own salad greens or herbs for your favourite dishes.

3 Vertical planter ideas

Here are three vertical planter options, all available to buy from, to consider: 

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  1. Ready-to-use Pocket Panels (R140 – R590) are easy to install and maintain and the pockets are large enough to grow most herbs and vegetables. Available in two, four, five, 10 and 15 pocket panel options.
  2. Vegetable Planters (R287) are perfect for growing a selection of salads, vegetables, and herbs. Each set includes three varying sized planters made from heavy duty woven polyethylene and has a built-in support hoop to keep its shape with drainage holes in their base. They can be re-used season after season.

3.  Hanging Strawberry Vegetable Planters (R215) allow you to keep strawberries away from ground pests. With seven planting pockets made from heavy-duty polyethylene, you can hang your strawberry planter for easy access



In today’s life of cramped living and the increasing price of food, the need for small space gardening and healthy living has never been more important.