One of the biggest problems most dieters face when trying to lose weight is knowing how much of a particular food to eat in a serving…

Our natural instinct is to say we’re having a ‘small’ portion, and then help ourselves to what is really far too much. Plus with the holidays approaching we’re heading into a minefield of lovely foods in vast quantity.

Here are some foolproof tips you can use to get your portion sizing under control:

1. A palm of protein

If you’re eating a portion of protein (meat, chicken, fish, or eggs) you want to use the palm of your hand as a portion sizing guide. Anything larger than your palm is too large, and thus contains too many calories for you.

2. A thumb of fats

Snacking on nuts, or using some butter on a baked potato? A serving the size of your thumb is about the right size. That doesn’t seem like a lot of nuts, right? That’s because fats contain more than double the calories per gram when compared to carbs and protein. You shouldn’t be eating loads of nuts every day – even though they are tasty!

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