Uber is not your only choice this party season – try these apps for your festive co-travel.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and to party

Across the country, employees are shutting their laptops and taking up the eye-liner as year-end parties of all kinds beckon – from Shisanyama braai-downs to pop-up enchanted markets, and the infamous Xmas office shindig.

As always, transport is the key ingredient. “Getting to and from the most beautiful get-togethers has changed gear: you no longer need to rely only on Uber,” advises AutoTrader Marketing Director, Angelique Lynch. “In fact innovation in this space has created a fantastic range of offers with new services that could be better suited to your needs,” she continues.

Here Lynch takes a look at what’s available in the South African market today:

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Cartrip is the newest way to share on the motorway, both one’s carbon footprint and the whack to the wallet. The app download allows you to locate either a going ride or a ridee nearby, connect online, share details and destinations, then meet up to halve the cost. All is done electronically – a magical way to connect with the office crew next door and supplement transport costs.

Cartrip is the newest way to share on the motorway, both one’s carbon footprint and the whack to the wallet

Findalift offers similar services with an even greener option, promoting inter-office connectivity and even hosting tree-planting drives. With Findalift, social butterflies never need commute alone again, while always doing so super safely.

Jumpinrides specialises in festival trippers. With South Africa’s greatest outdoor jams pre-loaded to the site, as well as options to flag a ride to work or even uni, this is the selection for a sense of party, always!

Locomute is the freshest new look on the new transport scene. A car rental service where you only pay for what you use, the service provides you with a rental vehicle to drive yourself to any destination and only pay for distance covered. Slick high-tec means an app unlocks a vehicle, satellite logs your kilometres, and invisible minions whisk your vehicle away when done. Winning! Great for non-drinkers.