Is your traditional tree looking tired? We have 10 terrific alternatives to the standard plastic pine.

1. Slimline bauble tree

This tree is great for a minimalist look. All you need is a triangular wooden frame and a few baubles to hang on it. The great part is that the wooden frame can be repurposed all year round, so you don’t need to stow it away.

Click here to find out how to make your own wooden frame and bauble tree. 

Image: Your Family magazine

2. The traveller’s tree

Are you an intrepid traveller? Just stack some vintage suitcases on top of each other and glam it up with some fairy lights and sparkly decorations and you’re ready to go. See what I did there?

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Image credit: @oldcottonwood Instagram


3. The edible tree

Get your baking and decorating done in one go by making these adorable and delicious Christmas cookie trees. The best part is that you get to eat it, and not worry about where to store the tree after the holidays!


Image: Your Family magazine

Click here to get the recipe for these tasty trees.

4. Copper pipe tree

Check out this tutorial to make a super chic copper pipe tree. Decorate it with simple, monochromatic baubles to retain a sleek look. Best of all? You can leave it up all year round!

5. Pom-pom tree

Pom-poms are all the rage this year, so get your tree on trend by sticking pom-poms to a bare branch. They’re colourful, cute, and fun – making it one of our favourite Christmas tree alternatives.

One of our favouritest (!) products to make, is our Pom Pom trees! Our pom pom trees were designed for Christmas last year and have been featured on This Morning (eek!) which did lead to a celebrity order! (Double eek!!) Each pom pom is attached individually and by hand. Once pom-pomed, each tree is then hand wrapped with cotton yarn to add a splash of colour to the trunk. #alternativechristmastree #christmastree #pompoms #deckthehalls #christmasdecoration #christmasshop #madeinsomerset #contemporarychristmas #modernchristmas #pompomlove #pomtastic #allthatglitters #minichristmastree #tablecentrepiece #christmastable #smallspaces #smallspacesolutions #smallspacebiglife #smallspacesdecor #statementtable #statementchristmas #statementcentrepiece #madeinsomerset #makersofinstagram #makersgonnamake #handmade #handmadechristmas #firstchristmas

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6. Washi tape tree

Washi tape is versatile, simple to use, and doesn’t leave any marks. Use it to make a tree shape on your wall and decorate it by sticking cards, pictures, or decorations on the wall. Really, the only limit to your creativity is the amount of tape you have…

Image: Your Family magazine

7. Tulle tree

Channel your inner Sugar Plum Fairy with this cute tulle tree. There is no sewing involved, so you have more time to go watch The Nutcracker.

Image: Your Family magazine

8. Pineapple tree

Are you bored with your traditional plastic tree, but you’re not ready to get rid of it? Turn it into a massive pineapple with some yellow spray paint and a tree topper in the shape of pineapple leaves – a perfect fit for a midsummer Christmas.

Image credit: @letspartynva Instagram


9. Good chemis-tree

Experiment with measuring cups and colourful concoctions to make a science-inspired tree. Use some water and food colouring for the contents of the cups – surely it’s not rocket science!

Image credit: @lizzj26 Instagram


10. DIY Ladder tree

When in doubt, Suzelly DIY it! In this hilarious video, our favourite DIY guru shows you how to make a tree from things you already have in your home. There’s it!