So much love died in 2017! Here are the celebrity divorces we didn’t see coming…

It’s not only difficult to find true love but also to keep and protect it – no matter who you are, even more so when you’re in the public eye. Celebrity relationships and marriages seem to end as quickly as they start these days.

So, when a famous couple – who for years seem to be withstanding the fame storm and all the temptation that goes with it – decide to call time on their marriage, you know things are bad. Or maybe they were never as amazing they seemed in the first place? One never knows what goes on behind closed doors – in any relationship, not just the famous ones.

Melanie and Zwai Bala

Fans were shocked, some even heartbroken when Melanie and Zwai Bala announced that they were divorcing. The couple married in 2008 and have two children together.

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