Super-Practical Weight-Loss Tips’ is a series dedicated to identifying the most PRACTICAL weight-loss tips out there. If you want a simple, easy-to-follow weight-loss ‘to-do list’ this is the series for you!

TIP: The power of distraction

I think that one of the primary reasons a lot of people eat too much is BOREDOM. Eating becomes a way to distract yourself when you think you have nothing better to do.

If it’s the weekend, you might be sitting around wondering what you can do, and then realise there’s nothing CONSTRUCTIVE you HAVE TO DO, so you watch TV, munch crisps and drink cool drink, or beer, or wine!

If this is you, then what you need to figure out is how to “distract” yourself when boredom strikes

Your “distraction” must be something that keeps you busy enough to forget about eating. It could be anything eg: Sudoku puzzles, a good book, learning a new language, building a puzzle, knitting, playing TV games, gong for a run, walking the dog.

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The only requirement is that it keeps your brain and/or hands busy for a decent period of time, and it should ideally not involve food. So don’t take up baking!

The enemy here is dead time.

And the positive to be taken away here is that if you have dead time then you have time to better yourself in some way. Take advantage of this, and you could even work your way into learning new skills that allow you access to new career options.

Sounds better than just getting fatter and lazier right?

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