Health-food’ Mistakes is a series of articles devoted to helping you be more discerning when it comes to ‘health food’. Health food does not necessarily equal weight loss. You still have to avoid some common pitfalls to get any benefit from these foods.

MISTAKE: Don’t believe the myth that there aren’t any healthy treats available

In most health food stores, there’s a huge section dedicated to sweet stuff that is marketed as “healthier” than the usual candy bars, sweets and baked goods from a conventional supermarket.

The good news is that the majority of these items are a little better for you than the regular alternative.  But don’t get too carried away! They still count as calories… the ingredients are just better for your body than sugar and preservatives!

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I’m not suggesting that you scoff protein bars all day long and call it a healthy diet! What I am saying is that you can use a protein bar (or a nut bar etc… ) as a treat INSTEAD of a candy bar/sweets/donuts for a more positive treat.

Dieting effectively is about making small, smart, consistent changes to your eating which ultimately create a positive nett effect in the long term. Using health food ‘sweets’ could be one such change if you find yourself craving sweets regularly.

Obviously, you also need to teach yourself that you can’t afford to eat treats too often! But the two approaches can go hand-in-hand if you do them well. Allow yourself a sweet treat every week, and make sure you choose the healthier option.

The rest of the time use other means to curb your cravings, like drinking a huge glass of water or distracting yourself in some way.

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