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One of the reasons we relocated our family to Port Elizabeth was the fantastic lifestyle the city offers, at an affordable price…

While our teenage relatives in the bigger cities are trawling shopping malls, our PE kids are catching waves, climbing dunes and hugging ancient trees in hidden forests.

As our kids have grown into teens, their taste has started to become more pricey with the lure of IMAX movies, trips to the ice rink and trendy restaurants. But the good news is that while our purse strings are being pulled tight by the politicians, it is still possible to have a fabulously affordable and fun time with your family in PE.

Here are 17 of our top things to do in Port Elizabeth for under R30 per person:

1. Climb Lady’s Slipper Mountain

The view from the top of Lady’s Slipper is breathtaking. It stretches all the way from PE to St Francis in the South and overlooks mountain after mountain as far as you can see in the North. There are some magnificent boulders right on top, perfect for striking a mountaineering pose and snapping a selfie, which is what you will find all the families doing as they reach the summit after a hot and sweaty walk up.

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Cost: R20 per person

2. Kings Beach Skate Park

Grab a skate board, roller skates, scooter or anything with wheels and head on down to the Kings Beach promenade. There is a skate park complete with smooth concrete surfaces, ramps of varying degrees and shady spots for parents to sit around the edges. The kids adore trying to stay on their boards as they whizz down the slopes and emulate the cool moves of the pros who frequent the park. Best of all, it is absolutely free of charge!

Cost: Free


3. Ice creams at Shark Rock Pier

The little ice cream parlour at Shark Rock Pier has been operating for donkey’s years and they dish up some of the best gelato in town. You can choose between multiple flavours of ice cream, sorbet and soft serve. Order it in a sugar cone, normal cone or cup, finish it off with a topping of your choice and voila – a delicious cool treat to enjoy while you stroll to the end of the pier and admire the gorgeous view.

Cost: From R7 for a soft-serve cone to R28 for a sugar cone with a double scoop of ice cream

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4. Fishing at Pearson Park Resort

Pearson Park Resort borders the lazy Sundays River as its fresh water completes its final journey before merging with the salt waters of the Indian Ocean. The Sundays River estuary is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also brimming with fish of every shape and size. So no matter whether your kids enjoy occasional bait fishing, rock and surf or lure fishing, or like ours are avid fly fishing enthusiasts, this is one of PE’s best fishing spots in a location that is enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Cost: R65 for a vehicle and the first two passengers, R15 per additional person.


Copyright: olegdoroshin / 123RF Stock Photo

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