Travelling with a baby or toddler is sometimes a daunting experience but if you are well prepared it could be a breeze!

The festive season is a fun time of the year where families come together or travel around the country to see each other. Travelling with a baby or toddler is sometimes a daunting experience but if you are well prepared it could be a breeze.

Whether you are going on a short- or long-distance vacation this festive season, if you have not packed correctly for the baby, it can be the deciding factor in whether you enjoy your holiday or not. The trick is creating a home away from home for your baby and doing your best to ensure that you stick to baby’s day and night routine.

Lesego Mashishi-Matlala, Huggies® expert in occupational therapy sheds some light on travelling with baby this festive season…

Ensure that you have a car seat into which baby can comfortably fit, with padding and adequate head and neck support. A neck cushion offers baby extra support and padding when they dose off to sleep. A collapsible stroller and cot are ideal to save travel space.

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Ensure that you stop for stretch breaks at least every hour to let baby out of the confinement of a car seat or if you are on an airplane allow baby some play and stretch time hourly. Provide baby with different durable toys that offer sensory stimulation and keep baby’s bottles and pacifiers within reach.

Hassle-free nappy changes

If you have the right nappy when travelling with baby, nappy changes can be hassle free. Huggies® Gold nappies offer an ultra-soft dry touch liner that absorbs wetness in seconds, ensuring baby’s comfort.

A nappy bag with waterproof lining and a shoulder strap will add to the ease of nappy changes. Small bottles of disinfectant gel are crucial when changing baby’s nappies while travelling.

Sealing bags are also essential for baby’s medicine and toiletries to minimise spillage in the bag.

Outdoor play – the highlight of baby’s travelling experience

Once you reached your destination, outdoor play for a moving baby is probably the highlight of baby’s travelling experience. Allow baby the freedom to play freely outdoors. Multiple hats and multiple outfits, two to three per day, are essential. Huggies® Pants are ideal for a walking baby and toddler while on holiday. They are as absorbent as your regular open nappy, but are uniquely designed to fit like underwear, giving babies the freedom to wriggle, crawl, climb and roll, enabling them to explore to their hearts content. Do not forget to pack the baby first-aid kit with baby’s pain reliever and supplies for treating minor injuries and have baby’s health care provider’s contact details for emergency medical advice.

Don’t forget the mozzie net!

Having an inflatable baby bath tub can make bath time more convenient at your destination. At night, strategically place baby’s portable crib within proximity and depending on the destination, cover the crib with a mosquito net. Bring along a night light to keep the room lighting soothingly low during middle-of-the-night nappy changes.

Travelling with babies bears a mix of emotions not only for the parents, but also for the children and fellow passengers. If you are properly prepared and have packed adequately, travelling with babies can be a pleasurable experience as babies are adaptable and often feel secure wherever their mommy or daddy is.

Travel is a wonderful way of experiencing baby’s first months or years of life, to have wonderful stories to tell your baby when they are older.