Last updated on Nov 12th, 2019 at 01:11 pm

4. Don’t drink too many calories

If you’re drinking alcohol during your seasonal celebrations, then choose less calorie-dense drinks like red wine and whisky, rather than calorie-rich cocktails and beers.

We often unconsciously consume WAY more calories than we intend to because we drink a lot!

So if you’re clever you can cut back by drinking the right things, and still enjoy yourself.

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5. Exercise moderation

There will be many treats that you feel OBLIGED to eat on Christmas Day. That’s fine, because they are delicious! HOWEVER you don’t need to eat an entire plateful of each item in order to enjoy the taste.

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A little of each will still add up to a big meal, and you don’t get more flavour by eating more food.

Enjoy the food without being a ‘piggy’.