Reduce cravings by storing unhealthy foods where you can’t see them

Do you want to keep your calorie intake down so that you can get into better shape for the coming holidays? Many of us would answer ‘yes’ but actually doing it may be quite a difficult task for some of us.

Consider storing whatever unhealthy, refined or high calorie snacks and foods that you may have in the kitchen, in a place where you won’t have to see them daily. This will help to reduce the temptations and cravings that you may feel every time you happen to catch sight of them. Remember that giving in to high calorie cravings will increase your daily calorie count and this can lead to weight gain, if done on a regular basis.

Consider storing the unhealthy foods that you may have in your home in a place where they will be out of sight. For example keep biscuits and other sweet treats in the kitchen cupboards – the further up the better! Place them in a position that will make it difficult for you to easily reach them. Similarly, high calorie foods that need to be refrigerated can be placed on the shelf that requires the most effort to reach for, so that they are less likely to be seen first, especially when you are feeling hungry!

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