We’ve all done it – cornered a guest to say the magic word, ‘sorry’. “Sorry for the mess”, “Sorry it’s so small”… whatever the reason, we’ve felt the need to apologise. However, it’s one word that shouldn’t pass your lips when you invite a friend or loved one into your private space. Here’s why….

It makes awkwardness

What’s a guest to say? “Yeah, it’s a pigsty…,” or, “Dude, buy a bigger place!”?

They’re not going to say it (even if they’re thinking it) so why make them feel put on the spot?

It may feel like you’re being a better host, but really you’re just making a guest feel uncomfortable.

You’re also drawing attention to your home’s (perceived) trouble spots, not deflecting scrutiny away from them.

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It’s probably solvable

If the house really is untidy, you need to adjust your cleaning schedule to one that works for you, not make noises about it when it’s too late. It’s probably not too bad – and if it is, you need to do something about it, not apologise.

Dark spaces can be improved to be more welcoming instead of you apologising for them, and everyone understands that we all have different budgets, lifestyles and homes – these aren’t matters for apology.

Be productive if it needs fixing, and be proud to have a space that’s your own.

It distracts from hosting

Even if you’re working around something less than ideal – for example, the plumbing decided to cause issues just as your guest arrives – rather put a positive spin on their visit than dwell on the negative issues.

Extend your best hospitality, make them feel comfortable in your home and forget the rest. Remember… those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Make a home you can be proud of – and don’t forget to show some pride every now and again.