The Internet age is truly upon us – and that means it’s time to shed some of those space-eating, dust-catching home fixtures and go digital instead…

DVDs and CDs

Come now – do you really want to be a slave to the feather duster forever?

Have your favourite albums and films moved over to digital storage and get these clunky, messy annoyances out of your space immediately!


If you’re an avid reader, you may want to keep a slimmed-down collection of your favourites. We know there’s nothing quite like the real feel of a book in your hand, after all!

However, book collections can get out of hand and you’re probably not that attached to many of them.

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Invest in a good Kindle, and store thousands of books without the need to make your whole home into a library.

Organise digitally

Some people will still prefer to keep their lives organised via wall calendars and other physical media if they think it best that way – but most of us can ditch the messy calendars, inspiration boards and paper shopping lists in favour of calendar apps, smart shopping lists and online inspirational sites.

Likewise, recycle the takeaway menus and look them up online when you need them.

Slimming down the clutter and taking advantage of modern technology will leave your space more open for the things you love.