It’s amazing how many gadgets can simplify your life – even in a room as little considered as the bathroom. Here are a few insanely clever gee-gaws that look great and solve bathroom problems you probably didn’t even realise you had…

Shower spills

If your shower curtain always seems to let through more water then it blocks – or you’re just making sure you don’t get nabbed in the nude – invest in a curtain clip to hold the curtain firmly to the wall and prevent leaks.

Brush cleaning

Tired of having to fight with your make-up brushes, just to keep them sanitary? Worse, do you just throw them back in the bag and forget about them?

Use a silicone brush cleaning mat in the sink to make sanitising your brushes as easy as wiping them dry. The humble hairbrush isn’t forgotten either – use a hairbrush cleaner to make removing old hairs and lint as simple as could be!

Get the most from your toothpaste

Neaten the look of the tube and get the most out of it with a toothpaste clip.

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If you don’t want to put down any money for this little gadget, improvise with a stationery ‘bull’ clip to get the same effect.

Nifty, right? Let these clever little ideas revolutionise your bathroom… you’ll wonder how you lived without them!