With the holidays fast approaching, it is vital to take active steps to keep your children safe, especially when in public places. Here are some ideas.

Keeping your child safe when in public areas

Inform your child

Before leaving home, have a chat with your child about where you will be going and what you will be doing, so that your child will have some level of knowledge and expectation of the outing and the activities that it will involve.

Act out scenarios

Play a little game where you and your child will act out scenarios of what to do if either of you get separated. This will prepare him or her on how to react if the situation does arise. You should also advise your child on who he or she should go to for help or assistance.

Meeting spot

Choose a spot where you and your child are to go to and wait for the other if you are separated. Try finding a spot with a distinctive feature such as a water feature or a structure that appeals to your child.

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Contact details

Teach your child your telephone number and full name. If he or she is too young to remember this, consider writing it down and placing it in his or her pocket.

Try not to panic and stress if you and your child become separated. Stay calm and remember all the things that you advised him or her to do before leaving home.

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