(Book review by Melissa Delport)

It’s no surprise that being exposed to a**holes in the work place results in lower productivity and a dip in the general wellbeing of employees…

In The Asshole Survival Guide, Robert I. Sutton provides a practical and methodical game plan as to how to effectively deal with said a**holes.

Sutton is a Stanford professor who has done his research: from groups of civil (and uncivil!) servants, to French bus drivers, and over 8 000 emails he has received on the topic. His previous book, The No Asshole Rule was published a decade ago and went on to sell over 800 000 copies in the U.S alone, and dozens more across the globe.

Dealing with people who treat you like dirt

In a nutshell, The Asshole Survival Guide aims to teach you how to deal with people who treat you like dirt. It also gets you to take a long, hard look in the mirror to establish if the problem might lie with you.

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As entertaining as the title is, this book is quite a serious take on dealing with negativity and eliminating it from your life. It focuses on the work environment which, given that this is where we spend most of our time and is the one place where it is not possible to choose our own company, we are most likely to encounter bullies, or personalities which clash with our own.

An entertaining and useful guide for any employee, manager, or individual who feels they might be dealing with a genuine asshole.