As matrics prepare to wrap up their final exam and celebrate the end of 12 years of school at the annual Rage Festival in Durban this December, their safety is the number one concern for mom and dad at home…

Parents, do not despair. Thanks to event-technology platform – Howler – the festival’s cashless partner presents a new dawn for young partygoers and parents. This year each Rager will receive a Howler armband which will not only act as a virtual wallet but also as information pods.

The nifty armband will allow kids to transact purchases during the event and its brand-new feature also captures personal information and direct contact details for parents in case of an emergency.

Cashless is not new at these festivals, but the fact that these armbands now capture parents’ personal information, which organisers can access easily if there’s a problem, is. We want to give mom and dad peace of mind. If something goes wrong, they will know immediately. We started testing the concept at Rage 2016, and after a very successful run we decided to roll it out across the entire festival – giving thousands of students a safe and seamless, 100% cashless experience” says Howler CEO, Shai Evian.

Howler armbands

Through Howler’s RFID technology, Ragers will be able to experience the festivities using their Howler armbands – not only functioning as their tickets by giving them access to the main venue, over six clubs and four hotels – but also replacing their wallets and giving them cashless access to 100 taxis and an array of other restaurants and service providers. This brings new meaning to the concept of “Pay with a Tap”.

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When Ragers receive their Howler armbands, their profiles are linked with their pre-purchased Rage Passports, and it is during this process that their personal identifying details are synced with their armbands.

Since its inception in 2005, Rage Festival has grown from 500 attendees to now hosting over 30 000 students celebrating the end of an era, making it more important than ever to have a safe and secure environment for matriculants coming to blow off some steam. With the Howler armbands at this year’s Durban Rage, it will make it the biggest, safest and most-progressive cashless event in South Africa.

This means that parents can sleep easy knowing that their child’s information has been stored on the armband which then acts as a vital safety feature in the case of an emergency.