I had a pre-conceived notion of what this book would be about…

I suspected that Mr and Mrs ‘insert-happily-married-but-having-issues-couple-name-here’ would be taking a break from their marriage, but that they would ultimately end up back together. Marian Keyes humour, with a sweet ending, all tied up in a nice neat bow.

I couldn’t have been more wrong

Amy’s husband, Hugh, insists he isn’t leaving her. He’s just taking a break, one that will last six months, after which time he will come back to her.

Amy is desperate to believe that everything will be fine once Hugh returns, but deep down the ‘open’ relationship he implied is not something she is willing to accept.

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The weeks go by, and Amy discovers that Hugh is not the only one who has embarked on a journey of self-discovery

As Amy goes through all the stages of grief, and rediscovers her own sexuality in the process, the reader experiences it all through her eyes.

The Break explores the dynamic of marriage from a multi-dimensional viewpoint, until you are so invested in each and every one of these characters that it’s impossible to be sure whose side you’re on.

Laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreaking, all at once, this book is Marian Keyes at her best. Highly recommended!