Hate your fine, limp hair that you can never grow past your shoulders? easihair pro extensions to the rescue!

I’m not alone in hating my fine, limp hair that seems to get thinner every year and has to be cut in a boring bob because it looks so awful when I try to grow it.

We polled our readers recently, and almost half of you cited limpness and lack of volume as the thing you hate most about your hair.

Well I have news for you. You don’t have to live with hair you hate.

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Whether it’s more volume, longer length or some fun colour that you’re after, easihair pro extensions are available from salons across SA, and are quick and easy to apply.

They’re the fastest and easiest way to add volume, length, and chemical-free colour to your hair. The biggest bonus is that it is damage free!

If you’re reading this and thinking “Nah, I’m too old for mermaid hair that swirls around my face and is long enough to sit on.” I’ll clarify things for you.

Hair extensions are used more to add volume than for length

You can add body to your hair with just one box or order them in various lengths so that your stylist can cut and shape them to your natural hair.

I was the queen of limp, thin hair

I volunteered to try easihair pro extensions to see if they really did make a difference – and how natural and comfortable they would look (and feel) in my hair.

I was the perfect candidate. I had tried everything to disguise my wispy, scraggly hair – from volumising and thickening shampoos, to clip-in hair pieces that looked like horse hair (to quote my teen daughter) and weighed (and pulled) so much that I was in agony after wearing them for an hour.

I had a consultation with the gorgeous and bubbly Linda at Redzz Hair Stylists at the South Coast Mall in Shelley Beach, and she matched my hair colour and length to her samples before she ordered my box of hair.

We decided to start with just one box of 100% cuticle intact Remy hair panels, as I was sure that any additions to my hair would make a difference.

The order arrived at the salon the next day and I went in for the application. (Extensions need to be applied by an ehp certified stylist who is trained in their application.)

My own hair was washed, dried and flat ironed and the hair panels were applied.

The application only took 20 minutes, and the result was WOW!

My hair was transformed and the added volume was incredible. Linda took pics of it in its straight form, and then curled the ends for a touch of glamour, to see what I preferred.

Easihair pro extensions need to be removed and reapplied every four to six weeks depending on your natural hair growth, but you can swim and shower in them, and they’re so light, they feel like your own hair.

And if looked after and maintained properly they can last up to a year (although the manufacturer’s warranty is six months).

Confidence (and fun) in a little gold box

My husband thinks he has a new wife, and I finally have that swinging, bouncy ponytail I’ve always wanted.

Life is too short to hate your hair, so why not have some fun and add some fullness and bounce this December party season?

Go to www.fascinations.co.za for more info and to find a salon that does them near you.
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Watch this short video to see exactly how easihair pro extensions are applied