There’s cleaning – and then there is that gleam you get in show houses and Hollywood movies. With these simple tips, you’ll have a spectacularly shiny bathroom of your own to dazzle friends and family with…

Pep up your shower curtain

You may have noticed that, even when machine washed, the shower curtain never quite comes out looking clean.

This is probably due to the failure of the water alone to dissolve the soap scum and deposits.

Toss a few towels in the wash with the curtain, and they’ll ‘scrub’ away the deposits, leaving it perfectly clean.

Extra shiny faucets

If you’re looking for that extra gleam on the metal in your bathroom, start with cleaning as we’ve described before – a little vinegar or lemon juice on a damp rag.

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You can scrub the base and any annoying hard-to-reach spots, including the shower tracks, with an old toothbrush, or downsize even more and use some floss to clean it.

When you’re finished, be sure to use a dry rag to buff the metal to a glossy shine for the best look possible.

Don’t forget the brushes!

Don’t forget that the scrubbing brushes, including the toilet brush and your toothbrushes, that you use need to be cleaned and sanitised too.

Anything used on the human body, like your toothbrush and nail brush, can be sanitised by leaving it for half an hour in a bowl of vinegar, or by steam cleaning.

Opt for a bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning brushes.

A clean and sanitary bathroom will make you feel happier – and it will look great too.