Zuraida Jardine posted a picture of herself recently that left her fans in shock

The TV personality had a black eye in the image.

“There is no excuse,” she captioned the shocking snap.

Her comments section was flooded with messages of concern and anger as many believed she had been abused by her husband, Josh Lindberg.



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“I hope you and Josh are OK,” one follower wrote.

Another added: “Please report to police and get a lawyer! Abusive acts should not be tolerated!!?”

Hours after her post was published, Zuraida shared a video explaining why she had a black eye

Accompanied by her husband, Zee says her post was to create awareness about domestic violence.

“Thank you very much for your concern. I am fine, and I am sorry if I worried you. We simply want to raise awareness around a very important issue in South Africa, and that is the prevalence that is taking place with abuse against women,” she said.

She added that the public is vocal about abuse in the public eye, but when women are being abused next door many remain silent.

Zuraida encouraged her followers to join the ‘No Excuse’ movement

Josh also shared the video on his Instagram account.

“The fact that we even have to create a campaign like this one is sad -But we do – & I support that! I feel very strongly about abuse -any abuse -towards children, women and men (sic),” he captioned the video.

Zuraida replied to his post with a sweet message.

“I love you. Thank you for being an overall incredible human being. I love this post and message. Power to the voice,” she replied.

But not everyone was pleased with how Zuraida drew attention to the cause

Some felt her initial post was just for shock value:

“I actually am a victim and find these types of ads bad tasting. To me it isn’t helpful to see this, perhaps I’m context of the whole campaign it is. But painting bruises on known beauty Queens does nothing for me. Perhaps if the aim is at perpetrators maybe it does something, I can’t speak to that. Most of us had to hide our bruises, and lie our bruises, which were excruciatingly obtained,” one woman wrote.

But Zuraida explained to her followers that she had a good reason for posting the image of her badly bruised face.

“The drama is what gets people talking sadly…Let’s stand together and make a change, judge less and empower more.”