Bonang Matheba shared her views in a social media debate about whether rich men are more appealing to the opposite sex

Queen B thinks they are!

“…men with money can never be ugly. It’s not possible mo’girl!” she tweeted.

The TV and radio personality’s comment did not lie well with some of her followers who thought she was sending the wrong message.

“Disgusting advice in a time of such abuse and oppression towards women and children,” one Twitter user said.

But many of her followers agreed with her remarks.

The debate on whether ugly rich men were attractive started when a popular Twitter user, known for shading people, shared a picture of himself

His famous friends, including Sizwe Dhlomo, joked that he was ugly – setting off an interesting discussion on the social network.

Money can’t buy you love, but according to Twitter users it can still get you a lot of attention from the opposite sex!