Getting to know DJ Zinhle better

The haters can do and say what they want – it’s falling on deaf ears here at All4Women. We think DJ Zinhle is a woman who’s got it all going on and then some! It’s not for no reason that she won ‘Woman of the Year’ last year – never mind all of the other awards she’s collected during her career.  DJ Zinhle is gorgeous, talented, a doting mommy and is one of the best female DJs. Yet, despite her fame and success, one can almost see a humbleness in her eyes … a sincere gratitude for all that she has. I don’t think she has an overly inflated ego – unlike a few of our other celebs. Sjoe! 

She’s mentioned in the past that she’s been mocked, from a young age, about her broad shoulders. Well, DJ Zinhle may have them literally but you know what ‘they say’ … when someone has ‘broad shoulders’ (figuratively) it means they are strong, able to handle and cope with a lot and take criticism well.

Here’s 5 more things you may not know about DJ Zinhle