There’s nothing these brightly coloured, weather-resistant little flowers love more than summer!

Periwinkles, or vincas, are gorgeous little drought-tolerant and water-wise flowers that adore the dry, summer heat. They may look delicate but unlike most flowers, these pink, red, purple and white little beauties won’t wilt in the scorching weather. In fact, they’ll simply thrive! And best of all, they need barely any work or ongoing maintenance from you. Just plant and enjoy!

That’s why they’re perfect for growing right now – here’s everything you need to know about growing the gorgeous little periwinkle:

  • Plant in full sun. The more direct heat the better.
  • Make sure the soil is well-draining, as periwinkles don’t like to sit in water.
  • The soil should not be of great quality. If the soil is too rich in nutrients, the flowering potential is diminished but you can fertilise every month or so.
  • Provide some mulch to help it retain water, but don’t water too frequently.

Happy gardening!

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