Hardy, water-wise and low maintenance, mondo really is the perfect grass…

If you’re looking for a hardy yet versatile and perfectly weather-resistant ground cover, the perennial evergreen mondo grass is your best bet! It may be a bit on the expensive side when it comes to grasses, but it’s a worthwhile investment that will last you forever – even through a drought – and requires very little from you in return.

It’s soft, lush and ornamental, yet hardy enough to be walked on and requires almost no maintenance.

Here’s what you need to know about mondo grass:

  • It is an Asian plant with the botanical name Ophiopogon japonicus, and is also known as dwarf lily turf, monkey grass or fountain plant.
  • Mondo grass does perfectly well in both direct sun and shade, so it can be planted under trees as well as alongside pavers, pools or ponds. If planted in the shade it will not need to be mowed very much.
  • It can survive in even the worst kinds of soil. In fact, it thrives on neglect! But if you’d like to offer a nutrient boost, some composted soil will help to get this grass going.
  • As a drought-tolerant and water-wise grass, it requires little if any watering. Grey water is a perfect option for it.
  • It grows quite slowly but very thickly, and the tuberous roots can be quite invasive to other plants. Make sure to install some edging material to stop the grass from invading.

Happy gardening!

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