Want to redecorate on a budget? Here are some handy and pocket-friendly ideas…

When one thinks of updating one’s home, the word ‘redecorating’ brings to mind many things, but the most frightening must be the expense. While it’s true that redoing your whole home can be an exhaustively expensive task, there are ways and means of achieving the look you want for much less.

Here are some pretty nifty ideas that won’t break the bank and will have your home looking like you’ve just had a fixer-upper:

1. Tile decals

Instead of removing existing tiles and purchasing and installing new tiles, all of which is a costly affair, rather opt for tile decals. These little stickers are available in a large range of designs and sizes to suit different kinds of tiles. They make your old tiles look brand new and when you’re tired of the look, just peel them off!

2. Removable wallpaper

In the same vein as the decals, removable wallpaper is a great option for renters and those who don’t want to go the full hog of installing glued on, permanent wallpaper. If any room in your home is looking a little tired, just update a statement wall with some removable wallpaper – the print options are endless!

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3. Lighting fixtures

An old lighting fixture can really detract from a room, no matter how modern and contemporary the decor is. Update your old lights with a pretty new fixture that complements the room.

4. Re-caulking

Sometimes all a room needs for an update is some refreshed caulking. Nothing looks worse in the kitchen or bathroom than stained, darkened or cracked caulk, but the good news is that caulk is really inexpensive and you really can do it yourself. Lift and peel off the old caulk and use a caulking gun to re-apply a brand new line of caulk for a smooth and clean finish.