Summer brings with it sun, sand and fun. But unfortunately, it brings in an influx of ‘critters’. Mosquito bites are one of the more common and annoying aspects of the silly season. Follow these tips to get some relief.

Opt for cold

Ice cube or cold pack can be a surprisingly effective remedy for mosquito bites. The cold numbs the area and helps control any swelling. Simply wrap some cubes in a towel and press against the bites for as long as you can tolerate.

Baking soda

To ease mosquito bites, simply make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the affected area. Allow it to dry and then rinse off after a few minutes.

Reach for the fruit and veg

There are a number of foods you can use to stop itching and reduce swelling. This includes rubbing a slice of lemon or the inside of a banana peel on the mosquito bite. In fact, you could even rub some onion on it – this tip also helps to remove pain from insect bites.

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Apply some oil

Lavender and tea tree oil are an excellent way to get some comfort. They both have antiseptic and antibacterial properties aid with stings and itchiness. Exercise caution if you have sensitive skin.

Try teabags

Tea contains natural tannins which act as an astringent. This draws toxins out of the skin and helps lessen your discomfort. Press a used tea bag against your bites until the itching subsides.

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