Even the most avid ‘DIYer’ can learn a thing or two. Here are a few things that can make any DIY job go much more smoothly…

Rent a dumpster

If your DIY task is getting serious, it can be easier to temporarily rent a curbside dumpster than trying to get it done with your own cars and bakkies.

These don’t cost too much, can be rented by the day, and the company will take the filled dumpster away to dispose of when you’re done – no need for unsightly messes to clutter up your view.

Get smart with curing and drying

While you can’t tame the weather, you can do a lot to ensure your drying times are minimised.

Open the windows to ensure you have moving fresh air, or bring in a fan if the room has limited air flow.

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If the temperature gets too low, it will also slow your drying times, so you can use a heater to keep room temperatures up or use a hairdryer on patchwork and jointing.

Plan ahead a little. If you’re doing several tasks, a few hours spent researching and planning the best order can make sure you don’t have a DIY weekend spoilt by hanging around waiting for something to dry – you’ll have a task you can do in the meantime all lined up and ready to go. Work smart not hard!

Get magnetic

With kids or pets running around, or sensitive engines ready to run, the last thing you want is nails, screws and other small debris that often get missed lying around waiting to cause issues.

Invest in a cheap magnet to sweep the work area and ensure all those metal pests get safely removed.

DIY should be fun as well as necessary, and these tips will help make the experience much more enjoyable for you.