There’s nothing as domestically disheartening as seeing ugly scratches on your beautiful wooden furniture. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to cut down the risk of surface damage…

Wipe it down

Wipe down with a dry microfibre cloth daily, to prevent grit and harsh dust remaining on the surface too long.

Dust and grit particles are abrasive and will leave wood at risk from the grime.

Remember to use furniture oils that are appropriate for treating and feeding the wood.

Move it around

Sun stains can be ugly to the eye, too.

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Make sure to regularly move any objects that permanently remain on a wooden surface, so they don’t leave darker marks and, if at all possible, move the item of furniture itself every few months, so no one side is over-exposed to light.

Cover it up

Tablecloths and see-through covers can be appropriate for a wide range of settings, and are best used in heavy traffic areas like kitchen tables or where the kids do homework.

Table pads are another option to explore.

Likewise, use coasters and other protective measures for drinks glasses, bottles, mugs and cups.

Strip it down

Remember that, as long as the wood doesn’t suffer deep scratches, you can always strip, sand and re-varnish a good piece of wood. It’s one of the beauties of wooden furniture.

If you’re desperate, you could try spot-sanding and staining, although you would need an exact colour match and good blending to avoid making the issue worse.

A well-treated piece of wooden furniture will last you a lifetime with a little care.