Combining a convenient design, subtle minimalism and the latest Smart Inverter technology from LG Electronics (LG), the new NeoChef™ takes culinary and microwave ovens to a new level. With the latest design trends, the microwave is both minimalistic and seamless, instantly bringing a touch of class to any kitchen.

The ergonomic NeoChef features a simple intuitive control interface as well as a range of hygiene-enhancing features including 99.99% Anti- Bacterial EasyClean™ coating that has a dense structure preventing oil from spreading out.

Equipped with LG’s unique Smart Inverter, there’s no cooking job the NeoChef can’t handle. The oven uses linear power control between 300 to 1,200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food, while at the same time preserving nutrients and locking in flavour. LG NeoChef also provides some of the convenience-enhancing features such as its innovative, hexagonal turntable, as well as an energy efficient interior LED lamp that is three times brighter than conventional models, users can easily monitor the entire cooking process.

Prize: WIN a state of the art LG NeoChef microwave worth R6999

In addition, you can easily make healthy, lactobacilli-infused yogurt, and with LG NeoChef’s Healthy Cooking feature, you don’t have to worry about the calories. NeoChef ’s Infrared Heating helps reduce fat and oil in food up to 72% less fat compared to deep frying.

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