Have you ever wondered how some couples seem to have successful relationships?

Why is it that some couples just seem to have the perfect relationship? They never fight or argue, they are always loving and kind towards each other and content with their lot in life.

Have you ever wondered how they do it and why you can’t do the same?

Well it’s simple really…

  1. They have learned how to deal with their issues (every relationship has issues).
  2. They have put boundaries in place to protect their relationship and each other.
  3. They respect each other and their relationship.
  4. They have set a couple of goals and actively set out to achieve them together.
  5. They understand that it takes small actions each day to reap big rewards.
  6. They understand that arguments and fights don’t mean the end of the relationship but rather an opportunity to learn and grow together.
  7. They ensure communication is at the forefront of everything they do because when there is no communication there is no connection and when there is no connection, things fall apart.
  8. They are not afraid to seek help when they are stuck as they value their relationship and each other.

Many couples are afraid to reach out and ask for help when they have hit a speed bump, they feel embarrassed and ashamed and like they have failed. I want to assure you that this is not true. It takes a brave and courageous person to put their hand up and ask for help.

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Many couples also wait until they have problems in their relationship before seeking help instead of investing in their relationship like we do in so many other areas of our lives (our career, car we drive, house we live in). If couples reviewed their relationship each year like their job performance, there would be fewer divorces and happier, healthier relationships and families.

Paula Quinsee is a Relationship Expert, Tedx speaker and author of the self-help guide Embracing Conflict. Paula is also a consultant to the TV show ‘Married at First Sight SA’. She works with individuals and organisations to cultivate healthy relationships in both personal and professional arenas by focusing on real skills and personal growth and development. Go to www.paulaquinsee.com for more info.