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The two studies are part of the China Patient-Centred Evaluative Assessment of Cardiac Events (PEACE) Million Persons Project…

More than one in three adults aged 35 – 75 years in China has high blood pressure, but only about one in 20 people with hypertension has the condition under control, according to the largest study of hypertension in China – published in The Lancet on 25 October 2017.

Heart disease leading cause of death

“Stroke is the leading cause of death in China, causing one in five deaths every year, and uncontrolled hypertension is a significant risk factor. Blood pressure levels in China are also increasing, likely because of an ageing population, urbanisation, dietary changes and obesity.

“The alarmingly low control rate, even among the minority of people who receive treatment, highlights the need for a national strategy on the prevention and treatment of hypertension. It’s encouraging that the government has already introduced corresponding policies, the serious situation could still be gradually reversed.” says corresponding author Professor Lixin Jiang, from Fuwai Hospital, Beijing, China.

Treatment rates low

In the first study on the prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension, researchers found that treatment rates were low, generally ineffective or inappropriate, with less than a quarter of people with hypertension taking any medication.

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Anti-hypertensive medication

In the second study, the authors analysed prescriptions of antihypertensive medications at 3 362 primary health care sites in China. The majority of sites stocked at least one class of anti-hypertensive medications but only 1 in 3 stocked all four classes of antihypertensive medication and 1 in 12 sites did not stock any.

When antihypertensive medications were stocked, higher cost medications were more likely to be prescribed over lower cost medications. The authors suggest that the medicine policy will need to be refined in order to ensure low-cost, high value medications are prescribed as a priority.

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