Spoilt celebrity pets – These celebs spare no expense when it comes to their precious pooches and cats!

Pets, at times, are almost as expensive as children – minus the school fees of course. But, when you factor in those ridiculously high vet bills, going to the parlour and special food and treats – it’s not cheap keeping animals these days.

When you’re a celebrity, worth millions, you can have as many pets as you want and making sure that they have the best of everything is no problem at all. Some celebs even leave their millions to their pets in their will!

Britney Spears

Last year, Britney Spears spent almost $30,000 on her dogs – when converted to rands … R418,500! You could put down a deposit on a house with that kind of money here in South Africa.

Find out which other celebs spend mega-bucks on their pets – you won’t believe how spoiled (and rich) Karl Largerfeld’s cat is!


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