Mixing prints and patterns in the pillow line-up on your sofa can be a stressful affair

How much is too much? Is symmetry required? What colours go together?

The team at Skinny la Minx has been mixing and matching pattern and colour for years and even has a Pillow Lab in the freshly revamped store to help customers get the mix right.

Tips for mixing patterns and prints

Here are some guidelines on how to spiff up your sofa with patterned and printed pillows.

Remember, it’s not about finding cushions that match: it’s about finding find ways to make them work together.

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Odd numbers work best

Balance is what we’re after, which is why odd numbers work best.

Try mixing three different patterns and colours, using our tips, and once you’ve mastered that, try out your skills with five.

Balance energies

Some patterns are zingy and others are steady. So, when mixing patterns, look out for ways to balance these energies.

Lines and stripes are useful to insert next to high-energy pillows, as the steady horizontals or verticals help settle and contain the energetic vibes.

Find a hero

Who’s the boss of this sofa? When mixing colours in a room, it helps to identify the energy and colours in your ‘hero’ print, and keep referring back to this, finding a mix of patterns and tones that highlight, match and/or complement.

Stick to a style

If you’re a little bit nervous of overdoing it, try sticking to a style of pattern rather than mixing styles together.

Traditional florals go well with more of the same, while strong geometrics will work well with other geo prints. Use plain coloured and textured fabrics to hold things together.

Size matters

Having all your cushions the same size can be the sofa visual equivalent of ‘muzak’ (the bland background music played in stores and lifts).

Add a bit of bass, treble and a spot of jazz scat to your sofa symphony by mixing up the cushion sizes and shapes.


If you must go steady

Skinny laMinx is all about pattern and colour, but we can do mono like a pro, adding a spot of personality with strategic additions of colour.

Our favourite go-to mono mixes right now are adding greens and sages to a stark selection of steely greys and charcoals.

No lumps, please

Remember what your mom said about beauty being only skin deep?

The inside counts too, so there’s no room for a cheap, lumpy cushion inner. It’s feathers all the way, and you can’t go wrong with the ethically-sourced goose-feather cushion inners, also available at Skinny laMinx.