Norma Gigaba, wife of politician Malusi Gigaba, is very vocal about woman-on-woman love

Following the controversial falling out with Buhle Mkhize, Mrs Gigabyte has dedicated her public platform to empowering women around South Africa. She’s expressed regrets, shared lessons and this week she spoke about the way that women treat each other.

In an impassioned Instagram post, Norma wrote about the competition among women in 2017.

She wrote in her post: “You don’t need to make another woman feel less ..for you to feel you are enough. You don’t have to intentionally tearing down another woman in an attempt to build yourself up. You don’t need to step on another woman’s toe for recognition. You can succeed and shine without pushing another woman down. Don’t let your personal issues ,insecurities or emotions get the best of you and cause you to destroy the best in someone else. If you want to win , focus on building and growing you (sic).”

It seems as if she was in the mood to spread positivity among South Africa’s women because a day later she came out with a second post. In this one the message was similar, and encouraged women to celebrate the successes of their female peers:

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Do you agree with Norma’s sentiments?