Upgrade your snack strategy

Snacking gets a bad rep because people often choose the wrong kind of munchie. But if you make better choices, smart snacking can keep blood sugar levels regular and help prevent cravings and overeating.

Suffering from a snack attack?

We make it so simple for you, with loads of better-for-you options like:  

  • Fresh fruit tubs – fresh berry pot; mango pot; mixed fruit pot; pineapple pot
  • Snacking veg – tomatoes; mini cucumbers; mixed vegetable snack pot
  • Carb CleverTM – crackers and nibbles
  • Fresh coconut chunks or coconut chips
  • Raw bars
  • Raw balls
  • Seaweed snacks and kale chips
  • Veggie chips
  • Corn cakes
  • Rye crispbread
  • Crackerbread – Rice; Buckwheat & Quinoa; Rice & Chickpea

And if you’re feeling all creative and domestic …

1. Beautiful beetroot hummus

Take one tub of hummus and blend it with two boiled or roasted beetroot. And that’s it! This is delicious sprinkled with mixed seeds, and enjoyed with Carb CleverTM crackers or seasonal vegetable chips.

2. Must-try spinach wraps

Take some big spinach leaves and fill with BBQ mini chicken breast fillets. Top with sliced avocado, crunchy radish, spring onion, and a dollop of beetroot hummus. Roll them up and enjoy!

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